Apple builds prototype components for its car


Project Titan is one of Apple's most mysterious projects. Although it has not been officially proclaimed yet, we know that it concerns the work on the first electric car. And according to the latest reports, they follow the plan.

The media recently reported that Apple has recently acquired a few automotive specialists and may use their expertise and experience to create the first prototype of the components to be used in the Apple Car.

It is not known for now, what will be the prototypes, as all information on this topic are kept strictly confidential. However, it is clear from previous reports that Apple is not able to produce the vehicle itself, so it can be assumed that some electronic components are involved, as the American company has a lot of experience in this area.

We also know that among the specialists recently employed by the company was David Masiukiewicz, a former programmer working in Tesla's R & D department. Also employed was Kevin Harvey, a former Andretti Autosport employee who plays an important role in the IndyCar and Global Rallycross races.

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