Audi tests autonomous car


Ingolstadt started another phase of testing its autonomous vehicle, this time on the German A9 motorway. The self-driving Audi A7 called Jack appeared there to allow testing of the latest technologies that will be on board production models in the near future.

During the tests, a complete novelty was checked for future car models, namely the Car-to-X communication system, which allows the vehicle to wirelessly connect with other vehicles as well as to the road infrastructure and to share information with them.

So Jack can automatically collect data for pavement or approaching corners long before the built-in sensors will notice them. Thanks to this solution, the vehicle can reduce its speed by itself in the event of a collision, for example, because cars in front of the vehicle will immediately report any incidents.

New security solutions relate not only to vehicles but also to road infrastructure. Audi wants manufacturers to also benefit from new solutions, and encourages them to have signs and / or signposts with a more reflective surface, making them more noticeable to radar. As a result, autonomous vehicles could locate them from distances, responding appropriately to the information contained therein.

Jack also has the latest generation of navigation system that allows him to prioritize the selected route. This means that the car will not always choose the shortest route or that will allow you to burn as little fuel as possible, but for example, which will make it easier to turn.

Besides, while Jack is driving, he is just like a man driving more naturally. Leaning ahead of the lorries, he will use greater distance, use the direction indicator lights while changing lane, and when he wants to do so, he will first approach the roadway so that the sensors can assess whether it is safe to do so. The system will also be equipped with a variety of profiles that can be freely altered and which will be associated with a completely different driving style.

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