Brazil again blocks WhatsApp


Brazilian state authorities have taken another attempt to harm Facebook by blocking the popular WhatsApp app. Fortunately, as before, this operation was completely ineffective and a well-known instant messenger is again available to the users.

Brazil has to suffer some serious aversion to Facebook and its services, as the judge in Rio de Janeiro has once again attempted to block WhatsApp, one of the world's most popular messengers. Just like before, the latest trial proved to be ineffective because the Supreme Court reversed this decision and the service interruption was very short, and the application was again fully functional.

This is not the first attempt by the Brazilian court to block WhatsApp's application. They were taken twice, first in May and then in December last year, but they both lasted very briefly, as the deceleration decisions were quickly reversed.

The latest blockade was due to Facebook's refusal to provide the Brazilian government with data about its users in criminal cases against them. After Facebook and WhatsApp refused to share data, judge Daniela Barbosa Assunçao de Souza ordered five major national telecom operators to block access to the communicator, suggesting that the blockade would be removed when the portal fulfilled its request.

Obviously, the request of the Brazilian law enforcement agencies was completely unfounded, because WhatsApp, even if it wanted to, would not be able to provide such information for the simple reason that they did not own it.

The communicator uses a message and connection encryption system in the user's system, which means that no data is stored on the application servers, so that you can not overhear the conversations.

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