Facebok penalized for selling the app


Two parents are suing Facebook for selling apps to minors without the knowledge of tutors. They insist that the portal regulate this issue and also return the money they have illegally collected from credit cards.

Facebook has a problem that can cost a giant business money. The portal for compensation was forced to return money for the expenses of minors.

In 2012, two parents filed a collective process to the world's largest social networking site, demanding the return of money spent by their children. A few minors, without the knowledge of their parents, bought a virtual currency called Facebook Credits, which is used in portal games. They used the Facebook Payments payment system to charge their parents.

One of the children initially spent $ 20 to unlock several options in Ninja Emblem, but quickly began to buy more items. It spent a few hundred dollars, not aware of the use of real money. The second child paid the same amount of $ 1059 from his parent's card. There were so many more cases, and sometimes unconscious children spent up to several thousand dollars.

The trial ended with a verdict that ordered Facebook to return the injured parents money. This is interesting, however, because the case was based on the California Code of Family Code, which affects not only this particular state, but the whole country.

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