Hacker attack in germany Leaked millions of passwords


After another mass data theft, German Internet users were asked to change their passwords. Hackers managed to gain access to 18 million passwords and access codes to private users' computers and their email addresses.

It is believed that there are among them about 3 million passwords and addresses of German Internet users. The prosecutor in Verden, Lower Saxony, who is investigating the case, reports that hackers have also been victimized with access to social networking sites and online sales.

If you want to know if your e-mail address is secure, you should go to the Bonn Information Security Agency (BSI) website - and ask for it. He will receive a BSI E-mail indicating whether he is on the list of endangered addresses.

Most major German e-mail service portals such as Deutsche Telekom, Freenet, Cable Deutschland, and Vodafone check the threat on their own and inform the customers themselves. The Federal Security Service in Information Technology has provided them with a list of e-mail addresses that got hacked. It covers about 70 percent of stolen addresses.

Customers of other portals should, in their own right, benefit from the free test offered on the BSI website. Just in case, however, it is worthwhile to change the password and access code of your own computer, so as not to facilitate cybercriminal life. Some of the stolen addresses have already been used by them, mainly for sending spam, but not only. In this situation changing email address seems to be a right and an urgent move.

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