In Norway, tests of autonomous boats began


On the Norwegian Trondheimsfjorden began official tests of autonomous boats. The project, in collaboration with the government, universities and private companies, is designed to develop technologies that will take control of the watercraft in the future.

Manufacturers of autonomous vehicles test their inventions already in many countries. The case, however, looks quite different in the case of standalone vessels. So far, only one such test has been officially released, which takes place in Trondheimsfjorden, a bay of the Norwegian Sea. These are open water where there is not too much traffic, so they are great for testing a technology that is not as efficient in running a boat as a man.

The project is being implemented in collaboration with the Norwegian government, NTNU AMOS (Norwegian University of Science and Technology for Autonomous Marine Operations) as well as Kongsberg Seatex, Marintek, Maritime Robotics and Rolls-Royce Marine.

Developed technology, in the near future, will produce fully autonomous vessels that will navigate the seas and oceans, carrying passengers and goods. Of course not all its uses. Kongsberg Seatex also works on Eelime, an underwater robot for cleaning and inspection of underwater structures such as pipelines.

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