New generation Smart TV


At IFA Samsung, the leader in the TV market, unveiled a new idea for Smart TV. Multi View and Smart Hub features on OLED TVs have made a great impression on the visitors. All the more so, you can use hand gestures to handle new TVs.

The ES9500 OLED TV has Multi View function and offers great picture quality entertainment. The image is generated by miniature, organic light emitting diodes, which offer 20 percent color. Viable than LED technology. The OLED used by Samsung is also a high contrast ratio. Because the ES9500 does not need a separate light source, the response time is a thousand times shorter than that of LED TVs, eliminating blurring when displaying moving objects. With this speed, dynamic scenes look very natural, also in movies and 3D games.

In addition to changes in the user interface, the manufacturer has invested in a new design. This year, the market is dominated by very delicate, almost invisible metal frames. The ES9500 OLED has a built-in camera for web calls and hand gesture tracking when controlled by a TV that hides when not in use.

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