North Korea robs banks around the world


North Korea is breaking into banks all over the world, stealing millions of dollars from them.

Programmers working for Symantec say that during the break-in on Sony Pictures servers and banks in South Korea and the United States, a very rare code has been used to trace them to North Korea. Symantec says hackers are also responsible for hacking into tens of millions of dollars in bank robberies.

The regime of Kim Jong Una may have been involved in a recent $ 81 million robbery that was taken from the central bank in Bangladesh. Bank authorities are still investigating the matter, but unofficially it is said that the burglar left behind leads to Southeast Asia.

Symantec also believes that in addition to the theft of the mentioned 81 million dollars, Korean hackers have participated in the attempt to steal millions of dollars from the Vietnamese bank Tien Phong Bank. They may also be responsible for bringing in $ 12 million from Banco del Austro in Ecuador.

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