OHP missile frigates for american allies


As reported by the service, the US House of Representatives has agreed to donate or sell eight Oliver Hazard Perry units. Their new owners will be: Taiwan, Mexico and Thailand.

Taiwan plans to buy four frigates, $ 10 million per piece, which will certainly not meet China's approval. These will be USS Taylor (FFG 50), USS Gary (FFG 51), USS Carr (FFG 52) and USS Elrod (FFG 55).

The remaining four will be distributed free of charge to Mexican navies: USS Curts (FFG 38) and USS McClusky (FFG 41) and Thailand: USS Rentz (FFG 46) and USS Vandegrift (FFG 48).

In similar fashion, several years ago (2000 and 2002), the Polish Navy became the owner of two OHP missile frigates. These were USS Clark (FFG-11) - ORP Gen. K. Pulaski and USS Wadsworth (FFG-9) - ORP Gen. T. Kosciuszko.

These frigates are considered obsolete in America and are slowly withdrawn from service. Their name also does not reflect the nature of the ships, because they no longer have rockets, so they should not be called "rockets."

More information about the OHP frigate can be found in the gallery.

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