The cause of the SpaceX explosion is still unknown


Elon Musk is still searching for the cause of the Falcon 9 rocket explosion that occurred a few days ago. SpaceX's consortium chief appeals to all video-deliverers from its launch. He counts on the help materials to find a solution to this puzzle.

A few days ago, the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket ship, belonging to the SpaceX consortium, destroyed the telecommunications satellite that was supposed to provide the Internet to developing countries. The incident seriously damaged confidence in the American company. Its recovery does not help the fact that it is still unknown what caused the explosion.

The director of Elon Musk appeals to everyone to help him explain the cause of the explosion. This is a priority task, because without this it is not possible to continue flights. The billionaire is asking on Twitter to send footage of the rocket launch, hoping to find a catastrophic failure. Musk hopes that the videos will find the source of a loud noise that was heard a few seconds before the explosion. It is suspected that he might have something to do with the incident.

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