Three-dimensional LG TVs


LG is preparing for 2010 a whole series of products that support 3D technology - including projectors and 42- to 72-inch diagonal screens.

In addition to the first three-dimensional Full HD LCD monitor, the company

LG is gearing up next year for a real 3D technology assault. In 2010, three-dimensional projectors will be on the market, as well as 42- to 72-inch LCD TVs. Currently, the South Korean manufacturer offers 47-inch LCD TVs with 47LH503D on its home market, but plans to expand its presence in Europe and North America next year.

In 2010, LG plans to sell about 400,000 3D TVs and 3.4 million units next year, as it believes in the demand for such products and the support of game developers, TV stations, consoles and other companies.

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