Uber Beacon will help you get to the right car


Uber, a specialty vehicle company, has developed a tool called the Beacon, which will allow customers to more easily recognize her car. This way, the customer will never go to a random car again.

Unlike taxis, Uber cars are not marked in any way and look like private cars. Sometimes it can happen a mistake and a customer ordering a carriage will enter a random vehicle. Uber wants to avoid such situations, so his rival, Lyft, has created a gadget that will recognize his vehicles.

The device is called Beacon and is currently being tested in several American and British cities. This is a color display on the windscreen, which can be personalized in your company's application by selecting a specific color when ordering a taxi. So when the Uber car approaches, he will know perfectly well that the vehicle that he has been ordered.

In addition, the same color will be displayed on the smartphone screen, so the tool is also helpful to drivers who will more easily identify their customer.

This is not the only change introduced by Uber. Another is the presentation in the application of the registration number and brand and color of the car, which was ordered by the customer. In addition, his photos will be displayed so that the customer knows what the vehicle will be after.

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